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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms, Conditions and Requirements of Business for Neil Marston Safety & Risk Management Ltd.

General Requirements

In order to ensure that customer requirements are met, and a high standard of advice is provided, please note the following process.  It may on occasions be possible, subject to prior agreement and arrangements to meet customer requirements with less than the notice prescribed below.

Booking and Cancellation Procedure

Provisional bookings for Neil Marston Safety & Risk Management Ltd services can be made at any time and an estimate of the total cost will be provided.  Provisional dates will be reserved for two weeks after which they could be offered to other clients.  Cost will be estimated based on the requirements provided to Neil Marston Safety & Risk Management Ltd; however, a firm price is only possible once the final requirements are defined and confirmed by the customer and agreed.

Confirmation of Advisory Work

  • This should normally be provided by supplying a Purchase order to Neil Marston Safety & Risk Management Ltd with a contract agreed between both parties.
  • The requirements of the advisory service must be outlined by the client and agreed before work commences, preferably within one month of the planned service.
  • Once agreed the contract (Service) may only be amended upon written agreement between both parties.
  • If the service is cancelled within one month of the work commencement date the customer can be charged at the full rate excluding travel and related expenses.
  • Any safety information required to complete the service and requested by Neil Marston Safety & Risk Management Ltd for the purpose of completing the service must be supplied direct and will normally be required one month prior to the start of the advisory service.


  1. Where required Neil Marston Safety & Risk Management Ltd will comply with a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  2. Both parties may by written notice to the other at any time upon giving not less than thirty days prior notice to end or postpone the services in whole or in part, terminate the contract of services.

Remuneration and Associated Costs for: Safety Consultant and additional costs for Travel and Related Expenses

  • Daily Rate: TBC on application and based on an eight hour working day.
  • Stationary & Printing: 10p per page.
  • Road Mileage: 45p per mile.
  • Full recovery of: accommodation, subsistence, meals, taxis and car parking at hotels, airports and rail stations etc.
  • Full recovery of all forms of travel.


An invoice will be presented monthly in arrears or on completion of the advisory service as agreed. Prompt payment will be appreciated.  Payments must be made within 28 days of completing the advisory service. Customers who require extended payment periods must make appropriate arrangements prior to issuing the Purchase Order Number.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Neil Marston Safety & Risk Management Ltd is covered for professional indemnity by Tafalgar Risk Management Limited.

Dispute Resolution

If any dispute arises under an agreed contract, a senior person from each party shall meet within 14 days of a written request by either party. They shall meet in good faith with a view to resolving the dispute.