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Environmental Management

Effective implementation of an Environmental Management System makes good business sense. By reducing pollution, minimising waste, efficient use of raw materials, reduction in energy costs. You will also reduce risk and guard against legislative liability.

A good Environmental Management System is a clear set of policies and processes. Providing a framework to help your company achieve its goals through consistent control of operations.

We have over 17 years’ experience in establishing and maintaining Environment Management Systems across a wide range of industries.

We can assist your Environment Management Systems by:
• Reviewing your current Policy
• Assessing your Environmental risks
• Identifying cost savings
• Improving efficiency
• Establishing Impacts and Aspects
• Auditing and verify the risk controls
• Develop objectives and targets
• Review Permits

By engaging with us, will assist you in identifying and mitigating your key Environmental Risks while improving performance.

For practical Environment Management solutions, you can contact me on: 07734555899