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Emergency Response and Business Continuity Planning

Expecting the unexpected , a key element to surviving a serious incident is ensuring you have a practical workable Emergency Response and Business Continuity Plan.
More than 40 per cent of businesses affected by the Manchester bombing went out of business, never to return, this was a result of not been prepared and not having a plan in place to continue business after the event.

Any organisation can experience a serious incident which prevents it from continuing normal operations. Whatever the size of your organisation, the ability to respond quickly and decisively can make the difference between success and failure in returning to ‘business as usual’.

We are experienced in developing and implementing specific user friendly Emergency Response and Business Continuity Plans across a wide range of industries.

We can assist you in:
• Reviewing existing plans
• Developing new plans
• Testing of plans
• Updating of plans
• Review of risk profile
• Training in plans

Having a simple and effective plan, testing for effectiveness can significantly reduce business interruption.
Training your staff on these plans is key to a positive outcome in the case of a serious unplanned event.

With over 17 years knowledge and experience in Emergency Response and Business Continuity Planning. We can provide you with a solid foundation upon which to deal with an Emergency and rebuild your business to avoid disruption and loss of production after a serious event.

For a simple, effective solution to your Emergency and Business Continuity plans contact me on: 07734555899