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Aviation Safety

Aviation safety is the state of an aviation system or organisation in which risks associated with aviation activities are reduced and controlled to an acceptable level.

The safety management system is an essential element to managing an operation, controlling the risks, maintaining compliance and productivity.

We firmly believe that good effective performance is paramount to the success of a safety management system.

Compliance with regulations is only one performance indicator to be demonstrated. The overall performance of the business is equally important. Aviation safety performance requires strong leadership, workable processes, clear values, a ‘Just Culture’ and a robust monitoring system.


We have over 17 years’ experience in Aviation safety management systems and can assist you with:

  • Review of existing safety management systems
  • Developing a Just Culture
  • Performance based regulation audits
  • Review of key risks
  • Bow Tie Assessments
  • Bespoke audits
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Event investigations
  • Emergency Planning


We can provide you with an independent, expert assessment of the safety and risk management system for your operation. This will enable you to understand that those risks have been identified and are appropriately managed.

For practical Aviation Safety solutions, you can contact me on: 07734555899