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Auditing, Inspections & Surveys

The term “audit” can elicit a shudder in a business owner. When conducted in the correct manner an audit is a useful and beneficial process that every business should undergo on a regular basis.

The primary purpose of measuring performance by audits and inspections is to provide information on the progress and current status of the strategies, processes and activities used by an organisation to control the risks.

We are experienced in conducting audits, inspections and surveys across many industry sectors covering:

  • Health and safety
  • Environmental
  • Quality management systems
  • Corporate governance
  • Safety management systems
  • Risk management
  • Property liability surveys

We will work with you to tailor the audits to meet the precise needs of your business. We can focus on regulatory requirements, business and customer requirements and best practice.

We can assist you in your audit, inspection & survey process by:

  • Reviewing your existing audit programme
  • Conducting bespoke audits
  • Prioritise all non-compliances.
  • Develop action plans to address non-compliance
  • Identifying any continuing trends

Our Audits will provide you with assurance that your risk management controls are effective and working. Where non-compliances are identified, we will work with you to fix the issue.

For a simple, effective solution to your audit and inspection requirements contact me on; 07734555899