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Accident Investigations

In any business or organisation things don’t always go to plan. Over 1 year 40 million working days are lost through work related injuries and ill health in the workplace. Costings show that for every £1 a business spends on insurance, it can be losing between £8 and £36 in uninsured costs as the result of accidents.

The same accidents happen again and again. Causing suffering and distress to an ever-widening circle of workers and their families. The investigation and analysis of work-related accidents and incidents forms an essential part of managing health and safety and makes good business sense.

We can assist you in your accident incident investigation process by:

  • Reviewing and enhancing your current procedures
  • Equipping you and your staff with the skills to investigate accidents
  • Verify that plans are in place to deal with immediate risks following unforeseen events
  • Identifying the immediate and underlying causes
  • Ensuring that lessons are learnt
  • Provide workable solutions to prevent a re-occurrence
  • Improve the management of risk in the future

Benefits of having a robust accident investigation process:

  • Investigating your accidents and reported cases of occupational ill health will help you uncover and correct any breaches in health and safety legal compliance you may have been unaware of.
  • The fact that you thoroughly investigated an incident and took remedial action to prevent further occurrences would help demonstrate to a court that your company has a positive attitude to health and safety.
  • Provide you with a defence to any potential Employee or Public Liability Claims.

With over 17 years’ experience in investigating accidents in the workplace we can help you reduce your risk and liability while maintaining a happy and healthy workforce.


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